5 Things to Look For In an SEO Expert If You Haven’t Worked With One Before

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Finding an SEO expert on the web today is easy, but to make sure that you choose a professional and experienced one who can increase your online visibility it’s important to use a screening process. Not everyone who claims to be a local search engine optimization specialist is one. Here are some things to look for in your candidates.

1. Experience in your niche

An SEO expert who has worked in your niche in the past will be able to easily identify the parts of your site that are not optimized and offer suggestions. He or she will also be able to apply specific SEO tactics suitable for your industry, rather than just do general optimization. Headline optimization, for example, is necessary on every site, but it’s more important on marketing, news, and lifestyle sites than on others.

 2. Portfolio worthy of an SEO expert

Be wary of any search optimization specialists and seo firm who claim to be experts but don’t provide specific examples of customers they have worked with in the past. When possible, try to verify testimonials to ensure they are real.

 3. Complete understanding of all search engine optimization levels

Search engine optimization entails on-page optimization (e.g. the use of keywords in the content), as well as off-page optimization such as link building through guest blog posting and article marketing. Another aspect to consider is the technical side of SEO.

4. Realistic promises

Not even the best local search engine optimization specialist can guarantee #1 ranking for your site. How well your site ranks depends not only on how optimized it is, but also on your competitors, search engine algorithm changes, social media buzz and other factors. A first page ranking is the most that any SEO agency can offer.

5. Promptitude

Search engine optimization is work in progress, and a true SEO expert knows this and can provide long-term assistance. Search engine algorithm changes, for example, can quickly lower your SEO ranking, and to quickly recover you will need immediate help.

But above all, a good local search engine optimization specialist is knowledgeable about online marketing and can use his experience and skills to improve your site all-round, not only for search engines, but especially for people. An SEO specialist can dramatically improve your website and increase your online visibility, and that makes him or her one of the best investments you can make for your business. Hire an SEO expert today!




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