6 Mistakes to Avoid When Optimizing Mobile Phone Web Sites

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Mobile phone web sites usage grew by 81% in 2012 according to Cisco. No sensible business website owner will neglect mobile optimization this year. Not if he wants to increase his sales. When done by a professional services provider, mobile phone optimization is fast and easy. Make sure though that you avoid these mistakes:

  • Not knowing what devices your target audience uses. Makers of smartphones and tablets use different screen types/sizes for their devices. A 1-inch difference in width can be enormously important. Good mobile web designers can craft sites not only for Apple and Samsung devices, but for the other brands as well. Regional popularity of devices must be taken into account for local mobile phone web sites. Use Google Analytics to find out the best mobile design for the devices your users have.

  • Removing textual content from your site. One of the biggest misconceptions about mobile phone web sites is that people browse them mostly when they are on-the-go and look for quick information or an easy buy. Not quite. Mobile users often access mobile sites when they’re bored… while waiting on a line, riding a bus, sitting on a park bench, or lying in bed. That leaves them plenty of time to read, not just stare at pictures. That’s why it is crucial to find a great mobile site designer – so you can have one of the best sites for mobile phones.

  • Not keeping the core content similar to that of your main site. For your marketing message and calls to action to be effective on the web, it’s important to maintain consistency. Although your mobile site will be lighter than your main site, it must look and feel the same. Maintain the same mobile device web design by color scheme, logo, design elements, and also keep the most relevant and popular content – mobile phone web sites should look almost identical to the main site.

  • Relying solely on mobile optimization plugins/tools. These help you create navigable mobile phone web sites, but for professional results you want to work with a mobile website designer. Also, creativity will often be necessary to surpass Your mobile phone website design is a piece of art and requires craftsmanship.

  • Disregarding SEO. SEO is not a desktop-only thing. It’s just as important for mobile devices. Location is often crucial when it comes to mobile sites, and the keywords must include the name of the city/district/neighborhood. The physical address of your business, as well as your contact information, has to be on the first page – in the footer – or at least on the main secondary page. Keep in mind that mobile users are much more likely to make a purchase after a search than desktop users.

  • Optimizing only once. Websites are dynamic; they develop and evolve continuously. Mobile phone web sites users also change their usage patterns as new devices are launched. Much fine-tunning will have to be done in time, and every few years you may have to build a mobile website. Maintaining a long-term relation with a reliable website designer will usually guarantee better results than if you would hire designers on a project basis, and in the long run also reduce costs.

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