7 Online Marketing Strategy Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Taking the time to create a detailed marketing strategy before beginning to promote your brand online will help you convey a more powerful message and get higher conversion rates. What’s more, it will give you a sense of direction and make it easier for you to track your progress. When defining your marketing strategy plan, avoid the following mistakes:

  1. Promoting sales material as content. The best marketing strategy for engaging a wide audience is promoting inherently valuable content that offers people fast and simple solutions to their problems.


  1. Not setting clear, realistic, short-term goals. How can you achieve what you want in terms of marketing and branding if you don’t have any targets and don’t know what you aim for?


  1. Focusing on paid ads and listings instead of content creation. When working on your business marketing strategy you should know that content marketing is far more effective than paid ads or links. It’s more persuasive, more SEO-friendly, and more affordable. Learn more about organic SEO.


  1. Failing to create an engaging blog and keeping it updated. Running a fresh, good quality blog on your domain is a winning strategy. It allows you to befriend your audience, build trust, win followers, showcase your expertise, and subtly promote your site or products or services.


  1. Not having a social media marketing plan. In today’s tough online environment, your marketing strategy has more chances of success if you harness the huge power of social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Social media marketing requires a lot of time for content creation and socializing, and if you lack a plan of action, it can soon overwhelm you.


  1. Neglecting email marketing. It remains a highly effective local business marketing strategy for keeping your users up to date with your new products and services and informing them about promotions and discounts. Make sure you create compelling newsletters.


  1. Not targeting a specific audience. Your marketing strategy will be more effective if you aim it at a specific group of consumers, such as married middle-aged men or college students, depending on what you have to offer of course. All the tools you need to research your audience before drawing your marketing strategy plan are out there on the web, many of them free.

Asking a professional marketer to help you with your marketing strategy may be one of the best investments you will ever make for your business. We at Lav1.com have the marketing experience necessary to help you identify your targets and use the right tools to achieve them. Contact us now and together we’ll create the perfect marketing strategy for your site.




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