Bruno Pisano is the talented, heartfully-dedicated founder of LaV1, Inc., a successful, well-consolidated Internet marketing company that is dedicated to providing solutions for small and mid-size business owners, covering services as digital marketing, web development, mobile websites (responsive design), app development, and SEO (search engine optimization).

The son of a gifted fashion designer, Bruno grew up with many passions, one of them becoming involved in organizations with a meaning. After an enriching youth, playing professional soccer, he decided to make the next step for his career in business. Living in Los Angeles, he witnessed one of the most interesting business revolutions in America, a recent one that was entirely based on technology.

Bruno is a graduate of UCLA, the university where he studied Computer Science. With his degree in 1995, he was ready to enter in the world he was so passionate about. His unique approach to the online state of affairs gave him the upper hand when helping and allowing his clients to innovate and become market leaders.

Because of his strong sense of commitment and reliability, Bruno was able to build long-lasting, highly valuable relationship with his clients, becoming fully aligned with their business goals and challenges. This commitment created the right conditions for Bruno to become the founder of LaV1, Inc., also in 1995.

With time, both Bruno and LaV1, Inc., evolved to become more capable of facing new challenges. Straightforward Internet marketing services became highly comprehensive business solutions that help owners and managers to make the most of a positive online presence, ranking up on Google’s first page.

Curiosity and passion allowed Bruno to see the upcoming e-commerce revolution that most marketing and consulting agencies were simply ignoring. He successfully advised and helped his clients to develop suitable solutions in the e-commerce ecosystem, now bringing massive profits to them.

Despite his thriving career in Internet marketing, Bruno didn’t forget about his other passions nor helping the fellow man. In 2010, he founded The Matadores Foundation, Inc., a non-profit that has as its main goal helping obese and disabled kids to enjoy sports with their friends. For years, he became more aware than ever before about the suffering and shock that children with physical disabilities experienced, also about the accentuated health issues due to the lack of intense physical activity.

This close relationship with sports also motivated him to write an inspiring book about the parents of the most important soccer players in history.

Besides LaV1, Inc. and all the work and sacrifice that is in between, Bruno has become involved in multiple successful ventures in real estate, custom clothing design, and healthcare, gaining important experience and insights that allow him today to enhance the services that his clients receive.

Today, Bruno continues to help his treasured clients while seeking new exciting projects to join. Through an ongoing effort, he maintains himself at the vanguard of marketing, leveraging projects to their highest expression, making the most of the resources available.

If you want Bruno Pisano to collaborate with your project and move your business to the next level through the most effective and ambitious marketing practices and strategies, contact us today.

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