Additional Services

LaV1 is a Los Angeles SEO company which prides itself on offering the best service possible for companies that want to take their web presence to the next level. Our team offers their expertise in Search Engine Optimization SEO and Marketing SEM as well as a host of other services. We work with different companies every day to find the best ways to promote their products and services while connecting with customers, investors and fellow professionals at every level. Let us show you how we can help you.

Article and Copywriting Services

One of the best ways to get established online, create a presence and attract a loyal customer base is to give people what they really want – information. Writing, promoting and publishing articles with cutting edge and relevant content can position your company as a leader in any field. We work with your staff and build on your insider knowledge to develop articles and content for your website or to be used elsewhere in order to drive traffic back to you.


Backlinking & SEO Services – Authority/High PR Backlinks

Backlinks with high authority domains or superior page rank (PR) can be difficult to come by – unless you know how to make the system work for you. There are plenty of offers to buy this kind of backlinking service, but it’s usually nothing more than scams that create backlinks on pages that do technically have a High PR – but that are really nothing more than keyword and SEO stuffing sites ignored by potential customers and the major search engines. Our system creates legitimate links through respected websites in order to attract quality clients and customers, and increase your ranking in the search engines.


Backlinking & SEO Services – Blog Commenting Backlinks

The blogging community has emerged as one of the most influential forces on the internet. Consumers want more than just reviews from industry leaders – they want to know what Real People think – and bloggers give them exactly that. Let LaV1 place you on the forefront of this growing and vocal community by linking to your website through the top blogs for your niche industry. We’ll help get the conversation going – your quality service will keep people talking.


Backlinking & SEO Services – .EDU & .GOV Backlinks

Backlinks through an .EDU or .GOV website carry a lot value according to Google’s search engine algorithm. LaV1 can work with those domains to help increase your Google ranking and direct customers to your specialized services, advice or consultation. This not only puts you in touch with clients looking for real answers and solutions, it also aligns you with organizations and departments that are seen as true leaders.


Backlinking & SEO Services – Forum Profile Links

Blogging makes up an influential part of the online community, and the forum and website profiles of the most ardent and prolific posters is another area where backlinks can make a significant impact. We work with the top posters, bloggers and commentators to provide links within profiles. The forum profile links can help take your service or product to the next level when aligned with influential voices in forums and message boards.


Backlinking & SEO Services – Social Bookmarking Backlinks

Originally seen as nothing more than a way for family and friends to keep in touch, social media has changed the face of business. This change has affected the ways companies interact with their customers as well as how customers – present and potential – view the companies they choose to do business with. Backlinks on social media includes everything from the forerunners in the field – FaceBook and Twitter – to the markets emerging on social bookmarking forums such as Pinterest and StumbleUpon.


Blog Development

Being featured on blogs or working with active contributors is one thing, but developing your own is quite another. Developing comprehensive blogs directed at your target audience helps your website – and your business – to become the Go To place for anything industry related. Let us help you develop the style, content and user interface most likely to connect with customers.


Directories Submissions

Some companies think once you’re online, the world will make a stampede for your front door simply because you’ll appear in search page result listings. It doesn’t take very long until they realize they’re wrong. The answer? Submitting the website to directories. Directory submission helps to build links, increase search page status and is one of the more effective traffic driving forces on the internet. We know where and how to submit your website for the best results.


Google Analytics

Of course, the most well know search engine on the planet is Google. Although we all know how to use it for searching, few understand how the Google magic works. LaV1 professionals are fluent with how Google Analytics work which means they know how to make them work for your company. We’ll apply our knowledge and firsthand experience with Google Analytics to help push your page farther up in results.


Graphic Design Services – Blog Header/Banner Services/Logo Design

How you present your company graphically says a lot – especially in this graphic interface driven society. Logos become iconic symbols for a company, a service or even a cultural movement. Logos can be used on Blogs as well as Banners for use on external blogs as graphical backlinks. Incorporating your logo into these areas can help with brand recognition and helps to develop an online community. We can help create, restyle or simply enhance your logo in order to make it more powerful and reach a wider audience.


Graphic Design Services – YouTube/Twitter Background Design

When you develop a presence on social networking and multimedia websites, it’s important to enhance the look and feel of your corner of the world there. YouTube and Twitter both offer users the chance to customize their own pages in order to use backgrounds to create a sense of continuity in company colors, styles and graphics. LaV1 can make the most of any space – including off site locations where visitors can immediately be immersed in your style and your community.


iPhone and Android Custom App

The mobile phone app market is one of the fastest growing segments for reaching potential customers as well as forging long-term relationships with current ones. iPhone and Android apps can place your company – and your service – at a customer’s fingertips 24/7. This level of service and interaction makes you a part of a customer’s daily life and keeps you at the forefront of their mind. Viral apps can also help with word of mouth advertising and is another great way to spread loyalty. We can help to develop service, functional or recreational applications for the mobile platform that can take your company to the next level.


Keyword Research Services

Many of the other services we offer – content creation, blogging development and backlinks – relies on keyword research. Researching the right keywords to use ensures that not only will more people be directed to your website, but that they will be the right people. Targeting specific keywords helps to make your company more recognizable and, when used wisely, can push your results even further up in the listings. LaV1 works to develop the best general and niche keywords to target in order to deliver website traffic and drive up sales.


LinkedIn Profile Development

Many professionals now connect through LinkedIn regardless of their current employment plans. Once seen as little more than a way to fish for new work, LinkedIn now provides professionals of every stripe the chance to network and connect in real time. The right LinkedIn profile can increase your chances of attracting the best new talent while increasing search engine optimization and making your company easy to reach for prospective clients. Our team can help you develop the ideal profile no matter what your goals – from recruiting talent to simply increasing your online presence.


Mobile Websites

Traditional websites are important, but your site should also be accessible via mobile devices. Smartphones and tablet computers have become the go to way for customers to research on the fly and if your web page isn’t formatted right, you’ll lose potential customers. Mobile website development means you can offer a greater level of service and reach more people – and LaV1 knows just how to make that happen. We’ll work with your current website – or develop a whole new look for you – in order to make it easy to view and use on any mobile device.


Mobile Commerce

Once your customers can access, browse and use your website through a mobile device, it’s time to make sure they can go ahead and make a purchase, schedule an appointment or contact your staff with further questions. Mobile commerce lets them do everything they want and helps boost your sales and customer service. Mobile application developers with LaV1 can help make your business as mobile as your customers, boosting sales and service.


Press Release – Copywriting

Creating an effective Press Release is a lot more than simply covering the 5 Ws (Who, What, Where, When and Why). It’s about making a connection with the reader as quickly as possible – engaging their imagination as well as their attention. Today’s buying public is almost overwhelmed by the volume of information available so making that connection is harder than ever before. LaV1 creates dynamic press releases that capture’s the public’s attention and directs their buying power right to your door.


Press Release Submission

Submitting your press release to simply the standard release sources can leave your information buried under a pile of other press releases. We have extensive experience with and knowledge of niche publications – the ones insiders go to when they need to know what’s happening. Once we’ve crafted the ideal Press Release, let the LaV1 staff find the best outlets for publication.


Programming Services – CSS, HTML, JAVASCRIPT, MYSQL, PHP

Today’s hottest websites offer an immersive, interactive experience. These are websites that get passed around from person to person for its stylized view and, ultimately, its high quality content. A well programmed background on your website allows for greater creativity as well as information and database management, making your website as powerful as it is beautiful. Our programmers can showcase the strengths, experience and knowledge you and your staff have to offer in a way that will get people talking.



Search Engine Optimization and Marketing is a service every company needs, but few fully understand. Optimizing and marketing your website to appear higher in search engine results requires a number of different elements that need to be included in your company’s web presence. LaV1 can bring these elements together so that your company can make the most out of every search engine listing. Let us tweak your content, boost your traffic and help your bottom line.


Social Marketing Services – YouTube / Facebook / Twitter / Google + 1

Using social media as an arm in your marketing campaign can be a tough line to walk. Overdo it and you’ll alienate customers who suddenly feel as though you’re only reaching out to them in order to give them the dreaded Hard Sell. The marketing pros at LaV1 can help you to develop a marketing campaign that plays to your social media strengths and invites the public in without putting them off. We work across all major networking platforms to make you easy to reach and easy to relate to.


Video Services – Video Creation

Offering videos on products or information related to your field can help connect with customers and also gives you a chance to show off your own products or services. Done well, these videos can achieve any goal – from employee training or morale to making a connection with potential customers and investors. LaV1 has experience in video creation from beginning to end – story boards to release.


Video Services – Video Submission

Once your video is done, submission is crucial. Submitting your video to mainstream channels is only the first step. Submission to niche websites, tagging and promotion all play vital roles in the overall success of your video project. At LaV1 we have years of experience and know the best ways to submit your videos so they get noticed. Let us apply our submission skills to your new or current video project in order to get the maximum exposure to make the project a true success.


Voice Over Services

Using our voice over services, you can give any piece of work, from videos to simple online or automated message narration, a polished and professional sound. The voice and sound quality of these recordings can make or break a professional presentation. LaV1’s voice over service includes the use of professional talent, quick turnaround times and amazing sound quality. This means your company will sound as professional as it looks on paper, online or in person.


Website Development

Website development is sometimes seen as less important these days and many companies focus all of their attention on social media, applications and other off site endeavors. However, the goal of any other web presence is to send them to your own website and this is why your company website remains the single most crucial part of your online presence. The website should be informative, easy to navigate and user friendly. LaV1 works with you to develop a website your customers can use and your company can be proud of.