Hot SEO Trends in 2013: Affordable SEO Services, Mobile Optimization & More

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Hiring affordable SEO services is probably the hottest trend in the SEO world right now. Gone are the days when only big businesses could afford to hire SEO experts. Today cheap search engine optimization agencies and freelancers thrive, providing services on an hourly or project basis to everyone, from the niche blogger who wants to make money with AdSense to the big content aggregator who spends thousands of dollars on SEO optimization every year. If you want online exposure but don’t have the budget for big ads, use affordable SEO services.

Here are a couple of other hot SEO trends that should inspire you.

Mobile Optimization

If your site is not optimized for smartphones and tablets you will lose traffic. About 40% of web users access the web through mobile devices, according to Marketing Land. Even affordable SEO services provide mobile optimization for websites nowadays.

SEO-friendly Customized Premium Themes

Stuffing keywords into your content and headlines is no longer enough to rank well. You need to take care of the technical side of SEO as well. Use a SEO-friendly contentment management system and a theme optimized for search engines, and please know that there are SEO services for every industry.

Fewer Keywords, Better Ranking

As search engines become more and more effective at evaluating content, over-optimization through keyword stuffing becomes a major fault for any website. It’s becoming easier to rank well in search engines by naturally using a few carefully chosen keywords and having high-quality backlinks than by doing keyword stuffing and low-quality backlinking, which are considered to be cheap search engine optimization in terms of quality.

Longer Content Gets More Links

Creating long, high-quality articles that cover a topic in depth and are loaded with facts and figures and include one or two graphics as well can quickly boost your SEO ranking. Right now, the most important SEO ranking factor seems to be the number and quality of backlinks, and long articles get the most backlinks, according to Moz. So focus on 1,000+ pieces. More about content lengthhere.

Smart Social Media Marketing

If you want to attract attention on social media it’s not enough to put social media Like and Share buttons on your site and to link to your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ profiles. You need to establish which networks are most useful for you and to focus on them, creating unique content for each of them. It’s hard work, but it pays off and is considered to be an inexpensive search engine optimization.

Looking for a cheap search engine optimization provider that does high-quality on-page as well as off-page optimization? Use our affordable SEO services today!

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