Why You Need a Mobile Web Designer

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Do you really need a mobile web designer? Consider a few facts. More and more people around the world use smartphones and tablets to connect to the Internet, and over 50% of them use their mobile devices to buy products and services. Nine out of ten mobile searches result in some kind of action, whether it’s a purchase, download, or share. And if that’s not enough, mobile sales only keep increasing, so much so that in the not so distant future most traffic on the web will belong to phone users. So yes, you really need a mobile web designer.

Optimizing For Mobile Users

Most website owners are aware of the importance of mobile website design. But their approach to optimizing their sites can differ. Some use free plugins like those developed for WordPress, Joomla, and other major content management systems. Others, who are more tech savvy, do some basic optimization themselves using online resources. And then of course there are those who simply hire a mobile web designer and mobile website developer to build for them an optimized mobile site.

Hiring a mobile website developer costs money. Nowadays most SEO, web design, mobile development, and marketing budgets are quite tight, and if yours is tight as well, hiring a mobile web designer might seem like an extravagance. But it’s really one of the best investments you can make.

The future of the web belongs to mobile websites. If the facts above haven’t convinced you, just take a look at this compilation of mobile marketing statistics provided by Smart Insights. Most people still browse the web and buy products through their computers, but developing mobile sites and web usage is rapidly increasing. Connecting to the web on the go is highly convenient, and as more and more sites become optimized for mobile devices, sales will only increase.

Find a Mobile Web Designer Now

Having a mobile site isn’t an option but a must, and a professional mobile web designer ensures that you get excellent value for your investment. Optimizing your site for mobile devices is not necessarily a long process, but it requires a lot of testing and tweaking. Functionality is key, and if the site isn’t fun and visitors can’t find what they are searching for quickly, they will go away and never return. Mobile users are critical when it comes to the sites they visit, and they will seldom return to a site they had once abandoned.

Hire a mobile web designer and a mobile web developer today to optimize your website for mobile users and your traffic and sales will increase.

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