Four Questions You Should Ask Your Web Marketing Consultant

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Hiring a consultant is always a bit difficult. If you’re in the market to hire outside help then chances are it’s for a service you don’t fully understand yourself. This is especially true when it comes to areas which are constantly evolving, such as web design, marketing or public relations online. Although you don’t need to run out and become an online marketing consultant expert, there are five simple questions you can ask your web marketing consultant before you hire them to make sure that they’ll be an asset to your company.

1. How Do You Approach Social Media?

There are now a number of different social media outlets. From the well known platforms of FaceBook and Twitter to lesser known websites like Gowalla and Brightkite. A well informed and highly qualified web marketing consultant should understand how your company can make the most out of emerging platforms while still using traditional and widely known sites to your advantage. A web marketing consultant who disregards one website as useless or mocks companies that continue to use older websites like MySpace is someone who isn’t open to new approaches and who may not be a good match for your team. The key in a successful online marketing campaign is being able to keep an open mind, the willingness to try new things and, of course, maintaining a positive attitude.

2. When Will I Hear Back From You?

Communication is key in nearly every aspect of business and an online marketing campaign is no different. When working with a web marketing consultant you should understand exactly when you can expect a response as well as how you’ll receive it. If you’re not comfortable receiving communication via text, make that known before you hire your consultant. Communication is the key in ensuring a successful campaign so be clear about your expectations in order to avoid confusion and frustration later on.

3. When Will We See Results?

Although no consultant can see into the future and offer concrete deadlines on public response, you should sit down to develop specific milestone achievements and ways to measure progress. Whether that means setting a deadline for FaceBook posts, blog updates or promotional campaigns to be developed, make sure you understand when you can expect certain benchmarks to be met. Spell out your expectations in terms of communication and specific deadlines before you begin working together and you’ll build a framework for success.

4. Talk About Affordable SEO Services

Oddly enough, even business owners tend to shy away from discussions about price when it comes to hiring a website consultant. A great thing to know is that there are SEO services for every industry. Some consultants may be vague about how much a project will cost and others approach it as a negotiation where they bid high and expect you to bid low and then meet somewhere in the middle. Decide up front how much you’re willing to spend just as you would with any other investment in your company – cheap seo services can be found. Begin with a smaller project if that’s all your budget will allow and then use the extra sales that project generates to fund further affordable seo services.

When hiring a web design company be sure you understand exactly what you can expect in terms of performance and how the campaign will be handled. By taking the time to discuss your expectations, budget and requirements, you’ll be able to find a web design firm you can work with effectively and who will be a true asset to your professional team for years to come.

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