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By on October 9, 2013
web site design quick tips

Changing website design is a lot dependent on the different devices which are visiting websites every day. Some devices have a better screen resolution and some have different touch-screen interface. Device diversity has changed the way a website consultant creates a web site design. Now, he has to be more diverse in his work and all the more updated with changing device technologies.

When you re-paint your house, the paint gives it a new feel and atmosphere. The same goes with a web site design. When your company changes the look and feel of the website according to the changing preferences of the market and consumers, it stands at an advantage and an edge over other company websites.

Issues faced by a web designer and what they need to overcome when it comes to web site design:

  1. Designing a website specific to a particular resolution may disrupt loading on other devices. For example – A full image is downloaded despite the fact that only a part of it will be seen in the mobile.
  2. Browser resizing – Every device runs on a different CPU. When it comes to browser resizing on a mobile, the CPU may have to get through more trouble for re-scaling and resizing of images and web page.
  3. Your online marketing consultant needs to decide which demographic to choose – A user may access your website via laptop, someone else may use his/her smartphone; but what about the ones left who use low end phones or a tablet or phablet with different screen resolution? A company needs to design which demographic their website is catering to and accordingly design it.

Screen Resolution and web site design

A good web site design, which is compatible with various screen resolutions available and used the market of the client. Choosing a wrong screen resolution might end up in less ROI and a bad user experience.

Web Site Design and Marketing

Web developers or website makers use codes and software to set up a website, give it a look and create a niche for it. To marry this web site design with the aspect of company market growth; one needs to inculcate website design samples, copywriting, graphic designing, and technicalities into picture. This marriage between design and various aspects of a company website results into better marketing of the company work. Your company needs to zero in on a web marketing consultant or a web marketing agency who offers an effective solution for professional web design.

Good Use of Multimedia on site

Many company websites make use of videos and audio files on their website to garner attraction from the users. Videos are an important feature when it comes to website design; however it is the videos which come under the web marketing strategy of the company. The more compelling the attention from the user for the video, the better it is for the company. Check out web for the best multimedia available.

Relationship with Web Marketing

Good website development and design needs to go hand in hand with the web marketing. A good website developer highlights front and back-end experience of the user and shapes the web pages to support the behaviour of the visitor as expected by the client.

To excel with the website design and be a favourite of not just your client but user; a web designer needs to understand the psyche of the user. Keep refreshing the website with new and updated content and re-engaging the user over a period of time. What makes a website effective? Is it the web design and content or just the updated content?
Despite all the demands, challenges and changing perspectives; it’s a sight to see where the web is headed. The next time you do a search for your website and it doesn’t turn up in the first few pages, you know what you need to work on first. To your question of how is web site design an advantage to your web presence? Well, now you know how.

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    I am happy that I am using quite a few of the technologies and techniques you mention. Very helpful.. thanks

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