Why LaV1

Looking around company and personal profiles, I see many written in third person, even though the person has written it themselves. I don’t think that’s right, so I am going to tell you about myself without pretending that someone else wrote it.

I graduated from UCLA with a degree in Computer Science in 1995. Around the same time, I began entering the world of marketing online— while many people were using the internet to look things up or play games, I was using it to build a successful business.

Through trial and error, I learned exactly what it took to make a business (and its website!) successful online. I began to offer my services to business around the area and, lo and behold, they began to increase their success too— regardless of the industry. I realized I had created a proven system!

As a child, I always had a list of things I “wanted to be” so, my company’s success allowed me to follow those passions. I learned about (and practiced) things like real estate, custom clothing design, and personal health. Not to ignore my fanaticism for the most popular sport in the world: Soccer.

Again, because of my knowledge, all of these endeavors were complete successes! Regardless of the industry, I could make it work!

However, I knew that I wanted to give back to the world… so, in April of 2010, after years of doing charitable work without forming any sort of corporation, I decided to do so. The Matadores Foundation combats two very serious problems— obesity and physical disability. We help children facing disabilities what any child should have… a safe environment to enjoy sports with their friends.

As the internet grew and changed, I made sure to keep up with it… I am still the same way. I am constantly keeping AHEAD of the curve when it comes to internet marketing.

This is why I am able to do something most other companies don’t do: Offer a FULL guarantee!

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  • : My computer science background, attention to detail, and drive to stay on top of internet marketing and social media changes allows me to offer a No-Risk Guarantee if we are not able to get your website to the first page of Google. No hassles, no broken promises… Just RESULTS.
  • E-Commerce: These days, most companies get more sales from their online store than from their physical locations. This isn’t surprising; after all, with an online store, you are able to sell your products to the WORLD… not just your neighbors. And, you can do it 24 hours a day.
  • Reputation Management: Has an unethical competitor posted FALSE reviews about you just to steal your clients? Is it hurting your business? We are one of the ONLY companies that understand the system of these individual review websites well enough to guarantee to get your business back to the rating you deserve.
  • Mobile Website: Not only is the internet extremely powerful, but, with the introduction of “smartphones,” you need to make sure that your website is as effective as it can be to make the sale when someone is using their phone. If your website can’t do that, you are leaving money of the table. I can help.
  • Director at Matadores Foundation: Physical disabilities should not cause a child to be afraid of playing with his or her friends, nor should it stop them from exercising. The Matadores Foundation is a nonprofit I founded to help physically disabled children get what they, like other children, deserve: happiness, by playing soccer in a non-discriminative environment.
  • Bestseller Author: In “My Son, the Soccer Player“, I’ve interviewed more than 50 parents of the most successful soccer players in history, who shared the secrets of the success of their ‘once regular kids’, who became world champions and idolized by millions. A must-have collection for any fan, player, mom, dad or anyone enjoying stories of success.
  • Realtor at Spalding & Associates: Following my dreams of learning reality taught me not only what goes in to selling real estate, but what goes on in people’s minds as well! I bring this same psychological knowledge into bringing your company success!
  • President at Custom Soccer Uniforms: As a child, I would watch my tailor father make haute couture clothing and I loved watching him work. When I decided to get into the mind of a small business owner, I put my love for soccer together with that feeling I had as a child and decided to make custom soccer uniforms. Running a small business allows me to understand, fully, what problems, concerns, and needs a business owner like you has!
  • President at Chinese Wonder Herbs: Running a business like this helped me understand marketing in its most basic form: making a sale. This is what separates me from the other companies and individuals out there: I know what works, and I know what is just show. My clients get what works.


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BA in Computer Science